Jon Sanders is approaching Mauritius!

Jon Sanders is approaching Mauritius!

Dr. Stephen Davis, No Plastic Oceans lead, has reported that Jon's tracker and blog are still presenting problems...but all is well on board.

By Daria Blackwell - 30/11/2019

Jon is less than 60nm from Mauritius (see accompanying screenshot from the tracker). The blog attachment to the tracker has been quite a problem so we have decided to pop Jon’s blogs on a revamped site. Only the blogs for the first week of the voyage are up tonight. The balance for this first leg will be up shortly.

Jon is in good shape, has been taking water samples every day without a hitch and enjoyed the voyage as Jon always does. I hope you like the blogs which a little window into the life aboard of a solo circumnavigator.

Please visit and share it with friends. Jon is attempting his 11th circumnavigation and is the recipient of the OCC's first Challenge Grant.

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