OCC BBQ Hosted by PO Agustin Martin in Gran Canaria

OCC BBQ Hosted by PO Agustin Martin in Gran Canaria

Agustin & Sonja have been hosting OCC members in Pasito Blanco for several years. This year, the BBQ also fed into the OCC Blue Water Sailing Seminar.

By Agustin Martin & Daria Blackwell - 06/11/2019

The OCC is so grateful to our network of Port Officers and PO Representatives around the world who go out of their way to greet and help members who arrive in their region. They are a valuable source of local knowledge and expertise and always willing to assist members in need. Many thanks to Agustin Martin, PO Gran Canaria, who sends this account of his now annual BBQ during the staging season in the Canaries when cruisers prepare to cross the Atlantic. All were invited to a Blue Water Sailing Seminar on Gran Canaria conducted by Oliver Solanas Heinrichs, PO Fuerteventura.

"For the third year, we had the opportunity to receive at home many OCC members in transit in Gran Canaria on the way to the Caribbean. We spent a nice day enjoying a BBQ together. It was fantastic to meet so many OCC members in a foreign country at the same time; we were +35 OCC members. Some of them knew each other, but others were meeting for the first time. From this time on, most of them will meet again in different places in the Caribbean, and this family grows and grows.

This year we had the pleasure of having with us Jenny Crickmore Thompson, OCC Rear Commodore, coming from South Africa for the BBQ and the Safety Seminar. Thank you so much, Jenny Crickmore Thompson, for coming! Thank you to all members who assisted in the meeting; you make OCC great whenever you are together.

Now, some pictures of the celebration." Follow the link to the gallery below.

The OCC is proud of its network of Port Officers'. Agustin Martin has received the OCC PO Award twice and recently the SSCA Bateman Cruising Station award in recognition of service to cruisers.

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