"Svea av Valleviken" - 2015 Overseas 35

"Svea av Valleviken" - 2015 Overseas 35

Due to other commitments we are now selling our almost new double-ender. €95,000 ONO.

Seller: Mike Westin - 22/01/2019

Built in Sweden with Orust quality meant to be boatyard owners own boat before he got terminally ill. We bought the boat in July 2015 from an islands in the Baltic, fixed the systems, sailed to Gran Canaria in October and across the pond to Chaguaramas in February 2018.

Uncompromising construction of pocket cruiser with plenty of space for two persons and their equipment.

Extremely strong and safe boat, with almost new systems and sails. A few of these Overseas were sold to the US and to Australia. But only 21 boats made and this is hull #20.

Now in Martinique/Le Marin but otherwise in the Windward Islands.

Length: 10.7 meters / 35 foot Width: 3.25 m / 10.7 foot LVL: 8.75 m
Depth: 1.7 m / 5,6 foot Weight: Approx. 7 metric ton Engine: Vetus 42 hp.
Price: €95000 ONO

Mike Westin (OCC PO Stockholm)

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